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胸針 - 飄搖 Brooch - Tempest

胸針 - 飄搖 Brooch - Tempest

物料: 925銀, 彼得石, 莫桑石, 白色藍寶石, 黃水晶

Material: 925 Silver, Pietersite, Moissanite, White Sapphire, Citrine




彼得石又稱為暴風雨之石,象徵生命中那些突如其來的意外 ﹑變化。


生命就像金器和陶器般,要經歷大火的冶煉﹑利器的琢磨,才能成為巧奪天工的藝術品。 身處風雨之中的我們或許會覺得孤單﹑無力和徬徨。只要靜待風雨散去,抬頭看看天空,陪著你的光一直在,也許是陽光 ﹑是星辰﹑也是柔柔月光。




Pietersite is also known as tempest stone, symbolizes the sudden and unexpected changes in life.


Life is like metal and ceramic. It has to be smelted by fire and refined by tools before it turns into a masterpiece. We may feel lonely, helpless and hesitant in the storm. Just wait for the wind and rain to dissipate, there is always a light by your side. It could be the sun, the stars, and the soft moonlight. Life is a journey of experience. Both pain and pleasure are eventually turned into nutrients that nourish our growth.


As long as our mind is open, there will always be something to gain.

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    各位客人請於付款後把轉帳紀錄/截圖whatsapp到6427 3508,我們確認收到付款後,會盡快送出閣下訂單。

    Please send your record / screenshots after payment via Whatsapp to  6427 3508 and we will dispatch your order as soon as possible once your payment is confirmed.


    付款方式 Payment method:


    1. 銀行轉帳 Bank Transfer

    恆生銀行 Hang Seng Bank
    戶口號碼 Account Number: 395-554611-882

    Lxx Pxx Sxxx



    2. Payme / 轉數快 FPS

    帳戶號碼 Account Number:5222 1419


    *Please state your order details in the remarks.

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